Hire a trainer if you want to get fit

Sooo since living in sac one of the most popular activities to do are outdoor activities. One of my favorite activity is weight lifting/power lifting because you guess it… You get to build muscles! Building a nice physique while be super strong was always a passion of mines since I was a little boy. I got started by watching videos of personal trainers on youtube and pretty much just watched and applied everything I learned while learning from the mistakes I was making. I couldnt find a personal trainer at the time but I really wish it would have been an option for me.

There are just so many types of trainers out there and finding the right fit for one takes a lot of time because you need a trainer who knows what goal setup process you need. I like to perform compound movements and form was always the hardest thing I needed to learn in order to lift heavier weights. Took me years to learn but every year my form improves. An example of what I mean is a squat form. While it may look very simple to do its actually much harder practice. You need to incorporate certain muscle motors and that takes time to do. You have to start out with light weights until you get the right movements down. Too many people just want to load the bar with as heavy weights as possible and move it with very minimal range of motion which in end wont yield good results.

The answer is simple…If you cant squat 135 lbs with good form, which is just hitting 90 degress in your legs then lighten the load! Leave your ego at the door and start small and then you’ll be on your journey to a injury free fitness journey!

Ive been working out for roughly a decade and I am still learning what works and what doesnt.



California is getting fit!

So since Sacramento California is one of the best city in the states to live in (subjectively speaking). I figure I can write down some of my experiences in why I think California is one of the best states. Here are some reasons:

  1. You get to experience all the good weathers. This is good in many ways because you get to live in all the 4 seasons. Spring Summer Fall Winter. You can go swimming at the beach, ski in the mountains, or enjoy a natures view at Yosemite.
  2. California has many big cities and opportunities for growth. Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angelos.
  3. You are surrounded by ocean and other great states and countries! The pacific ocean, canada, mexico
  4. Everyone in Sac likes to workout and stay healthy! This makes it easy for everyone here to stay fit.